Wellness Program

The Wellness Program is an opportunity for the client to construct a plan to begin making positive changes in their lives!  Changes that will support them in becoming healthier, more positive and self-sufficient people in recovery!


The Wellness Program includes the client/peer, working closely with a recovery coach.  At WestBridge Recovery Center, the coaches can appreciate and empathize with the peer, for they too have experienced the struggle of addiction first-hand and also travel the road of recovery.  The peer will have the opportunity to work with a recovery coach to contemplate and customize their own recovery journey.  Beginning with an outline of the peer’s overall current lifestyle and treatment history, the peer will embark on a holistic journey of life without the use of mind-altering substances.  The recovery coach will create a Recovery Wellness Plan for the peer and is there for the peer as an advocate of sobriety in all aspects of their life.  The Wellness Plan created in this program will include areas of the peer’s life such as their current recovery journey, their health, education, employment, hopeful future living arrangements and any other areas of life the peer feels is hindering their recovery.  The recovery coach and peer will dive into these areas and identify where the peer can make changes that will directly and positively influence their lives.  The coach can provide the peer with the proper tools for a healthy and productive lifestyle and help guide the peer toward recovery avenues.

In addition to the Wellness Program, WestBridge family members will have the opportunity to have their DNA tested upon intake.  This test can act as a road map to help the recovery coaches guide the client on their path to recovery.


While vulnerability does not mean inevitability, biological distinctions/certain genetic presence may make someone more susceptible to addiction. It may be more difficult for people with particular genes to stop using once they start. Like the majority of other diseases; addiction vulnerability is a very complex trait. Many causes determine the likelihood that someone will become an addict, including both inherited, as well as environmental factors.

Understanding the role that genetic variation can play in addiction can also help infer routes of treatment. The effectiveness of medications vary from person to person, depending on their genetic make-up.

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