Restart & Refresh Program

Restart & Refresh Recovery Program

This program is designed for clients that have had time in recovery or have participated in some type of treatment center in the past. We will provide a seven to fourteen day refreshment of sobriety and sober living through the tools learned in treatment, PHP (Partial Hospital Program), and IOP (Intense Outpatient Program). This restart program helps transition the client back into recovery and a sober lifestyle.
Behavior and thoughts leading back to relapse will be identified by our licensed counselors/clinical staff through supported services.  Our team of professionals will assist these clients in refreshing and restarting a life of recovery.
The client becomes aware of triggers and signs leading back to old behavior that cause relapse. With a re-connection to positive resources, that have been proven successful, they will be able to return to a road of recovery from their addiction.

The program restores the mind, body, and spirit back into a life that parallels a life of sobriety through these services:

•Recovery Coaches
• Physical Training
• Spiritual Enlightenment
• AA & 12-step Meetings
• Sponsorship
• Relapse Prevention
• Meditation
• Guest Speakers
• Prevention Media Tools
• Family Counseling

All types of counseling will be performed through our local partnerships. The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is conveniently scheduled 3 days per week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) to accommodate your need for family, work, and school time, and your need to work on your recovery. If after the seven to fourteen day Refresh Program, the client is still unsure or in the stage of change, pre-contemplation or contemplation, we will ask if he/she is willing to seek more inpatient treatment with our local treatment centers and local partnerships.

7am-8am- Wake-Up; Prepare for the day
8:00am- Breakfast; Medications
9:00am – Meditation/ Physical Training
11:00am – Day Group
1:00pm-Lunch; Medications; Personal Time
2:pm – Prevention Study & Media
3:00pm – Evening Group
5:00pm-Dinner prepared
6:00pm-8:00pm –  Outside Meeting
9:00pm-9:30pm – Wrap-Up
9:30pm – Medications
9:30pm-11:00pm – Personal Time
11:00pm -Lights Out

Monday- AA Meetings

Tuesday- Family Counseling

Wednesday-Individual Counseling

Thursday- Spiritual enlightenment

Friday- Client Assessments

Saturday- Outside Activities & Physical exercise

Sunday- Outside Spiritual enlightenment

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