Refund/Return Policy

No Return/Refund Policy:

If a client fails to comply with WestBridge Recovery Center rules, the client will be discharged.

IF YOU ARE DISCHARGED for non-compliance of WestBridge rules and/or procedures at any time, YOUR PROGRAM FEE WILL NOT BE RETURNED.  This includes but is not limited to failing to comply with the program and/or failing to comply with house rules and chores.

Procedure: Infractions of the following rules are grounds for immediate discharge from WBRC, SLC treatment programs. All infractions are considered on an individual basis by the supervising clinical team, but any one, accumulation of, or combination of infractions of the following rules are considered serious and could result in immediate discharge.

All clients are expected to remain free from alcohol and other drugs while on these premises and during the course of treatment.

All clients are required to inform their counselor of all prescription medication and all over the counter medications at the time of admission.

There will be no gambling on the premises.

No weapons of any kind are allowed on the sight with the exception of a licensed peace officer, officers of the court, individuals with concealed hand-gun license recognized by the state of Texas. (Refer to GENERAL ENVIRONMENT Policy and Procedure for more information on this issue.)

The use of obscene, foul or abusive language is counterproductive to good treatment. All clients are urged to refrain from the use of language that most people find offensive. The use of ethnic, social, sexist and sexual preference words of a derogatory nature will not be permitted.

All participants/ clients are required to be in their required sessions on time.

Clients/ Participants are to refrain from any physical violence, threats of physical violence and verbal violence.

Romantic situations and sexual behavior between participant/ client while in treatment is counterproductive to a positive treatment outcome and will not be permitted.

All Clients are expected to maintain their personal appearance.  No gang colors or any garment(s) referring to drug or gang cultures are to be worn at any time.

Clients in outpatient settings are expected to call 24 hours before a scheduled session to cancel if unable to attend. Failure to do so will result in an unexcused absence. Accumulation of unexcused absences could result in discharge from the treatment program and will become a therapeutic concern.

All rules are expected to be adhered to while not on-site.

WestBridge Recovery Center complies with the provision of the Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 164 and does not try to keep a client in treatment by coercion, intimidation, or misrepresentation. Our treatment staff may not say or do anything to influence the client’s decision that is not justified by the client’s condition.

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