MI Process

Motivational Interviewing Program

As our mission statement reads, “Our mission is to evoke and restore the content of a person through the recovery process, caused by addiction.”  Westbridge Recovery Center is designed and structured around the concept of “MI”.  The principles of MI are a guiding framework for choosing techniques, strategies, and skills to bring about change in our family members at WBRC.

Simple R.U.L.E.:

(R)-Resist the righting reflex.

(U)- Understand your client’s motivation.

(L)-Listen to your client.

(E)-Empower your client.

Staff, Recovery Coaches, and clients of WestBridge Recovery Center will work together under the MI framework.  In this process, it is imperative that the staff listen to hear what the family is saying or not saying. The skilled staff will strive to uncover some areas of difficulty through empowerment sessions. Other added programs and services will be provided if you find yourself lost in the cycle of addiction treatment centers; when leaving treatment centers, the old behaviors start again. Incorporating MI with sober living has help increase your percentage of staying sober.

Model of “Stages of Change” we will go through.

We have to remember that the family member is the expert on themselves, not the addiction.  We, at WestBridge Recovery Center, treat the family member as a reservoir of information about potential solutions, to which we can add information, guidance and ideas for change.

Tony W. is inspired by: Dr. Larry Kegler & Rich Rosing, teaching.

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